This Never Happened

Milestone 1I come into my little home office to do some end-of-day emails while dinner cooks, and  who do I see but. . . the dog and the cat, relaxing together on the chair and ottoman.  This has never happened.   This never happens.  If the dog’s in the chair, the cat will curl up on the floor.  If the cat’s claimed the chair, the dog will take the floor.  Or the un-chaired animal will leave the room entirely, because, really, they don’t like being too close to each other.

Milestone 3But can you see the body language?  Once I walked in the room, the cat seemed to realize the position she was in.  Do you see her lean away from the dog more in each successive photo?  As the dog gets comfortable, the cat gets uncomfortable.

This never happens

That cat was out of there before I sat down at my desk.  As far as she’s concerned, this never happened. 


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