We’re Back In Stock

I Dissent was sold out for several weeks–I’m sorry to the parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and educators who got in touch to ask WHERE ARE THE BOOKS!–but now we’re back in stock everywhere. Read, dissent, repeat!

Back in Stock announcement

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4 Responses to We’re Back In Stock

  1. Glad I got mine way back when!

  2. Kari Hartwick says:

    So thankful I got mine early. I am a K-8 librarian and I haven’t been this excited over a book in years! It’s so well written. Students of all ages understand and enjoy it. A third grade teacher read it to her class and the next day, a girl in her class told her she wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice when she grows up. I’d call that a big win!

    • Debbie Levy says:

      Kari, thanks so much for this comment–I love hearing about your enthusiasm and also *love* the story of the third grader wanting to grow up to be a justice! Fabulous.

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