Jane Addams Peace Association Festivities

In October I attended the festivities for the Jane Addams Peace Association Book Awards, where I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark received an Honor award for younger readers. At the awards ceremony, JAPA Book Award Committee member Beth McGowan gave an introduction to my book that I thoroughly enjoyed, but did not manage to capture in video, audio, or print. So I was happy to receive the JAPA online newsletter over the weekend, which includes Beth’s thoughts about I Dissent. I’m sharing her remarks here–you’ll have to forgive my immodesty, but it’s not every day that someone says such lovely things about one’s efforts!

Here is the newsletter link, with the essay in question right at the top. The good people of the Jane Addams Peace Association have also posted my own little talk that day. Giving speeches is not my favorite thing on earth to do (is it anyone’s?), but I was facing a friendly and receptive audience of adults and children, and had a perfectly fine time. Thank you to  the JAPA Book Award Committee! Thank you, Beth McGowan!

From Beth McGowan’s remarks:

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