Becoming RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Journey to Justice

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has often said that true and lasting change in society is accomplished slowly, one step at a time. That is how she has evolved, too. Step by step, the shy little girl became a child who questioned unfairness, who became a student who persisted despite obstacles, who became an advocate who resisted injustice, who became a judge who revered the rule of law, who became . . . RBG.

This graphic novel-style biography of Ruth Bader Ginsburg shows this modern feminist icon leading the way in the fight for equal treatment of girls and women in society, and blazing trails to the peaks of the male-centric worlds of education and law.

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Ages 10 and up
ISBN 978-1-5344-2455-5 (paperback)
ISBN 978-1-5344-2456-2 (hardcover)

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2019 Nerdy Book Award for Graphic Novels

A Mighty Girl 2019 Book of the Year

“Enlightening, inspiring, and empowering.”
–Kirkus Reviews

“Ginsburg’s sense of justice was formed at an early age as young Ruth realized that bigotry can flourish anywhere. . . . Levy expertly makes Ginsburg’s landmark court cases relevant to a middle and high school audience. ”
–School Library Journal

“They humanize the icon by simply and expertly depicting how she earned her status. . . . The result is an excellent introduction to a woman who has no doubt already inspired a generation of lawyers and scholars; Levy and Gardner’s well-crafted biography may recruit a few more.”
–Publishers Weekly

“Levy, drawing on copious research and interviews with the justice herself, fills in many less familiar details, laying out a path from the shy, smart child to the force she would become.”
–New York Times

“Very cool.”
A Fuse #8 Production

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