Sadly, bigotry is alive and well in America today.  Using historical examples as well as events from today’s headlines, this book goes beneath the surface of racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and other types of bigotry.  For students and adults, Bigotry helps make sense of one of the most enduring, and harmful, features of human experience.

Overview series
Lucent Books
Ages 10 up
ISBN 1-56006-500-1

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“Historical references and photographs abound, giving readers research material related to everything from Jim Crow laws and the Holocaust to the tragic personal story of the fatal beating of Matthew Shepard.  The many examples of bigotry Levy uses result in a bleak picture of U.S. culture, but the final chapter cracks open a window of hope about our ability to learn from the past and create a future of inclusion and tolerance.”

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