Civil Liberties

Sweet land of liberty. . . . With liberty and justice for all. . . . Give me liberty, or give me death!  The praises of liberty have been sung, sworn, and shouted throughout American history.  But figuring out what loving liberty really means is quite another thing.  From religious freedom to book banning to Internet pornography to political demonstrations—Civil Liberties clarifies and analyzes the many issues that arise out of the simple idea of freedom.

Overview series
Lucent Books
Ages 10 up
ISBN 1-56006-611-3

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“Levy’s clear, unbiased prose, and well-chosen examples of events and court cases effectively illustrate terms and concepts.  The book conveys the complexities of how civil liberties differ in theory and practice, and the delicate balance between individual liberty and the right to be free from harm.”

—Horn Book

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