Richard Wright: A Biography

In 1940, Richard Wright wrote his first novel.  He called it Native Son, and it showed white Americans just how vicious and traumatic racism in the United States was.  It was a raw and difficult book, and it became a runaway bestseller across the country—the first book by an African American writer to achieve that status.  Until his life was cut short at the age of 52, Wright fought racism through violent, challenging books that attracted more readers than any other black writer before him.

Literary Greats series
Twenty-First Century Books/
Lerner Publishing
Ages 10 up
ISBN 978-0-8225-6793-6

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“Above all, Levy shows how her subject’s ‘violent, difficult books’ exposed the far-reaching effects of racial intolerance. . . .[A] well-rounded portrait.”

“Young people will be inspired by his story and at the same time feel the pain he endured because of his race.”
—MultiCultural Review

“This work will enhance any biography section.”
—School Library Journal

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