Sunken Treasure

Storms and other dangers have sent thousands of ships to watery graves at the bottom of the sea.  The tragedies of these ships produce treasure years later, when scientists, archaeologists, and treasure hunters discover their lost cargos.  Sunken Treasure takes the reader on the journey from disaster to discovery, and explores some of the oceans’ most exciting underwater treasures.

Wonders of the World series
KidHaven Press
Ages 7-12
ISBN 0-7377-2646-6

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“Before there is treasure, there is tragedy.  And with that intriguing hook begins this title on sunken treasures.  Happily, the rest of the book delivers.”
—Children’s Literature


Monterey Bay Aquarium
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National Aquarium in Baltimore
This website has excellent photos and videos of aquatic animals, plus stuff especially for students, like a Kids Club and fact sheets about ocean animals and other things— including instructions on how to set up an aquarium at home.

Ocean Explorer
This site is sponsored by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  It describes NOAA ocean explorations involving shipwrecks, geology, and underwater life.  Lots of details and pictures of ships, submersibles, diving equipment, sonar, and other equipment used in undersea expeditions.

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