The Berlin Wall

In 1961, the German city of Berlin became ground zero in the struggle between the Communist and non-Communist worlds when Communist East Germany began building a wall to divide the city in half.  The 100-mile Berlin Wall created an awful, if awesome, scar across the landscape of Germany’s capital.  The efforts of the East German authorities to plan and build this barrier were matched only by the continuing exertions of East German citizens to go over, under, and around it.  The Berlin Wall recounts the drama of this East-West divide from its roots in World War II until its fall in November 1989.

Building World Landmarks series
Blackbirch Press
Ages 9 up
ISBN 1-4103-0137-0

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“Perfect for reports and pleasure reading.”
—School Library Journal

“A straightforward account of the most visible symbol of the Cold War, this title tells the history of the Berlin Wall from its beginning in the summer of 1961 to its final destruction in 1991.”
—Children’s Literature

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