Yiddish Saves the Day!

Oy vey! Such bad mazel you’re having. You tripped, banged your shnoz, and fell on your tuches. Then, gevalt!–you lost your vocab notebook the day before the big test! But don’t worry, don’t kvetch, you whole mishpocha is here to help you, and they have plenty of unique Yiddish words that’ll help you ace that test like a MAVEN!

This story is for every little MENSCH who enjoys lively language and bright, fun pictures. You don’t have to be a YIDDISHA MAVEN to read it–but the book might turn you into one!

Apples & Honey Press
Ages 4 and up
ISBN 978-1-6811-5544-9

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“While other books for even the youngest readers have introduced a mensch here, and a bubbele there, Levy’s story is built on the specific and delightful premise that Yiddish is a language with superpowers.”
–Jewish Book Council

“Toss some Yiddish words into your everyday conversation and all will be well.”
–Kirkus Reviews

Jewish Journal (Los Angeles)

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