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Coming in 2019: RBG Graphic Bio

Working on this book has been so rewarding. I’ve learned even more about Justice Ginsburg’s life, work, and essential RBGoodness, and also learned the challenges and pleasures of writing in the graphic novel format. I had an excuse for indulging one of my guilty pleasures–listening to audio files of Supreme Court oral arguments, from the 1970s to today.

And Justice Ginsburg generously sat down with me last August for a wide-ranging interview which, yes, was a life highlight. 

The manuscript is done–written, revised dozens of times, edited and re-edited, and then edited some more–and now I look forward to watching Whitney Gardner animate it with her vibrant art. Based on the sketches she produced last year, I know I will not be disappointed, and neither will readers.

But illustrating the panels for a graphic-novel-style book of 200+ pages takes time. So here’s something to tide you over: the terrific documentary film called, simply, RBG. (I had nothing to do with the movie! I just really like it.) Take the kids, the students, the parents, the grandparents! Enjoy. And please mark your to-be-read calendars: Becoming RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Journey to Justice, coming August 2019.

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Look Who’s Marching

Sent my way from women’s marches this past weekend:

New York

















While I’m posting photos, here’s one thanks to Katy Kelly, who came upon this scene on the D.C. Metro around the time of the holidays. I do enjoy a good RBG sighting:
















Jane Addams Peace Association Festivities

In October I attended the festivities for the Jane Addams Peace Association Book Awards, where I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark received an Honor award for younger readers. At the awards ceremony, JAPA Book Award Committee member Beth McGowan gave an introduction to my book that I thoroughly enjoyed, but did not manage to capture in video, audio, or print. So I was happy to receive the JAPA online newsletter over the weekend, which includes Beth’s thoughts about I Dissent. I’m sharing her remarks here–you’ll have to forgive my immodesty, but it’s not every day that someone says such lovely things about one’s efforts!

Here is the newsletter link, with the essay in question right at the top. The good people of the Jane Addams Peace Association have also posted my own little talk that day. Giving speeches is not my favorite thing on earth to do (is it anyone’s?), but I was facing a friendly and receptive audience of adults and children, and had a perfectly fine time. Thank you to  the JAPA Book Award Committee! Thank you, Beth McGowan!

From Beth McGowan’s remarks:

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